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Ham stands


Ham stands you find in our store are produced with carefully selected quality materials. The arms are made of stainless steel (INOX 18/10), the bases can be granite, karst stone or wood. The pedestal has feet in gray rubber specifically designed not to leave marks on the table or work surface in the kitchen.

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Knives stands


The innovative TEN’s stands for knives can be quickly disassembled for an easy cleaning. They are suitable both for home use and in a professional kitchen because they are made in accordance with the hygiene requirements of the HACCP system. The stands are designed to occupy as little space as possible so as to have them always at hand, easily cleanable and secure against possible injuries.

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Stands for loudspeakers


The TEN stands for loudspeakers have 3 tips in hardened steel in the base, that provide maximum stability, rigidity and at the same time prevent the resonance and the transfer of vibrations to the ground. The speaker is attached to the stand with the TEN antivib mass that soothes the transfer of vibrations from the speaker to the stand and also fixes it tightly enough to avoid slipping. The stand height is adjustable according to your wishes.

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Pouring wine stand


The shelf to hold the bottles while pouring wine from the barrel is a very useful and convenient tool. The practicality in the application is provided by the stable foot of granite or stone and the stainless steel shelf (SS 18/10) easily adjustable in height. The support relieves fatigue of holding the bottle under the faucet in the forced position. It is also suitable as a gift.

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Device for grouting


The device for grouting - TEN FUGIRKA allows you a quick and easy application and dosing of the grout mass. To start, connect the device to your electric drill which rotates the spiral. With the start key of the electric drill you control the speed of rotation for a uniform dosage of the mass in order to fill the gaps between tiles.

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Machining of metals


We perform machining of metals and other materials, such as engineering materials - plastics (POM, PA, PE...). We offer: classic milling, turning, drilling, sanding (possibility of welding by MIG/MAG and TIG welding process), the design and construction of machinery equipment and tools.

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Special offer


Check our current special offers of Ham stands, stands for knives, speakers, devices for grouting liquids and all other categories of products that we provide to our customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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About us


The TEN Company has been founded in 1992 with the union of innovative people in the fields of industrial design, mechanical engineering and automation in order to find, with a common research, new market niches. With the establishment of the enterprise "Metal Design" by Robert Černe s.p. in 1994 we have begun to develop and produce our original and unique products.

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